Monday, August 12, 2013

My Favorite Baby Products at Two Months

We are two months into this parenthood thing and I am by no means an expert, but there are some baby items that have been super helpful for us as we adjust to our new lives. We promised each other before Baby A's arrival that we would not let our house be overrun by baby items, but you may be able to tell from this list that our plan went right out the window!

Summer Infant SwaddleMe 2-Pack - You know how you see those perfectly swaddled babies in the hospital, so cozy in their blue and pink striped blankets? Well, swaddle skills must be a super power possessed only by nurses because we could not properly swaddle Baby A to save our lives. He always wriggled right out of it, limbs flailing about wildly. These handy blankets wrap around your baby and are secured with velcro - no swaddle skills needed. Since he was a summer baby, we put Baby A in a diaper before bed and wrap him up in this swaddle blanket.

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier - My sister has this carrier and recommended it to me. I was intimidated by wrap style carriers, but read so much about the benefits of baby wearing so I knew I wanted a baby carrier. The Baby K'tan allows you to use all of the same carries that you would with a wrap style carrier, but without the wrapping! It is two loops of fabric that you put over your head and arrange in different ways depending on how you want to carry your baby. I put Baby A in it every day for trips to the store or the farmers market and to bounce him on the exercise ball and help him fall asleep.

Jillian Michaels Stayball - This brings me to my next item, an exercise ball. I bounced on the exercise ball every night late during my pregnancy. It relieved some of the constant pain and pressure in my back and I had secret hopes my bouncing might jump start labor. It wasn't until Baby A was five or six weeks old that I heard someone say they bounced on the exercise ball while they had their baby in the baby carrier to put them to sleep each night. Baby A can get a little fussy when I am trying to put him down for a nap so I decided to give it a try. I wrapped him up in his baby carrier and bounced on my exercise ball. He was out within a few minutes and I could easily take him out of the baby carrier and lie him down without even waking him. I love this exercise ball because it is weighted and has a textures surface, which stops it from rolling all over the place.

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym -  I definitely don't think babies need all kinds of fancy toys, but with two dogs and no time to vacuum, I do appreciate having somewhere to lie Baby A down other than the carpet. He loves looking at himself in the mirror and kicking around as I show him the little animals. As he grows, Baby A will be able to grab the animals and hear them rattle and crinkle all by himself. I love that this play mat easily folds up so we can hide it away when we want to look like grown ups. It also comes with a little pillow that Baby A can prop himself up on while he plays.

Leachco Safer Bather - I knew we couldn't just throw our teeny baby in a giant bathtub, but I hate most baby bathtubs. They are big and awkward and there is no good way to store them. I happened upon this bath pillow during my exhaustive baby tub search and it was the perfect solution. It keeps Baby A nice and comfy during his bath and it has a hook so you can just hang it up on the shower wall to dry.

GroVia Reusable Cloth Wipes - Because we planned to use cloth diapers, it only made sense for us to go all in and use cloth wipes, too! These are fairly inexpensive and super soft on baby's bottom. We keep a spray bottle of water in our diaper caddy and a big stockpile of these wipes. We just spray some water on the cloth wipe and we can usually clean him up with just one cloth (two for big messes) and we wash them right along with our diapers.

Smart Bottoms Cloth Diapers - We have a few brands of cloth diapers in our rotation and these are some of my FAVORITES! This is a One-Size diaper, which means Baby A will be able to wear the same size the entire time he is in diapers (the packaging says they can be used from 8lbs - 35lbs). They are also an All-In-One diaper, which work the best for us because there is no insert to stuff and no pins or clips to mess with. What I really love is that the absorbent lining is 100% organic chemicals on my baby's bottom! :) Oh, wait, what I really, really love best is how freaking cute Baby A looks in Smart Bottoms! They have solid colors and some adorable prints to choose from. I have to say the tie dye is my absolute favorite. I mean, how cute is this??

And guess what? The folks at Smart Bottoms want to give you a chance to try them out for yourself! The giveaway will run until 11:59pm on Monday, August 19th and one lucky winner will get their very own Smart Bottoms All-In-One diaper! Just follow the instructions below to enter.

So, tell me, what are your favorite baby items?

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