Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paleo Pregnancy - My Favorite Pregnancy Resources!

This post doesn't have much to do with food, but it does have a lot to do with pregnancy so this one is for the mamas to be...and the someday mamas to be. :) I am more than halfway through my pregnancy now and from the beginning I have tried to soak up as much information as possible to learn how to care for my baby while it is growing in my belly, how to have a safe and healthy delivery and how to nurture my child after it is born (I can't wait to have this baby so I can stop calling it "it").

I have come across some awesome resources that I really want to share with other pregnant mamas out there. These have all been so helpful to me and provided me with knowledge and comfort throughout my pregnancy and prompted me to think about aspects of pregnancy and parenthood that I never would have thought of on my own. So here goes...

>Preggie Pals
Preggie Pals is a podcast that covers every aspect of pregnancy from fitness and nutrition to baby wearing, routine medical procedures performed during pregnancy and childbirth preparation methods. New episodes are posted weekly and I usually like to listen to them in my car while driving to work. They also have a blog where a group of contributors write about their pregnancies, parenthood and also post product reviews. Preggie Pals has two sister podcasts, as well. Parent Savers focuses on providing information to new parents and The Boob Group is all about breastfeeding. I haven't checked out Parent Savers or The Boob Group yet, but in just a couple months I have a feeling I will be adding these to my playlist.

>Lucie's List
I LOVE Lucie's List! Think of it as a survival guide for new moms. I signed up at the beginning of my pregnancy to receive the weekly newsletter so each week I receive an email newsletter covering a pregnancy topic relative to me during my current week of pregnancy. I have learned about car seat safety, gestational diabetes and essential (and not-so-essential) products for baby. She also has a registry cheat sheet, which really helped with my registry because we do not want a house full of baby swings and seats and chairs and whatever else the baby stores make you think you need for your child. She tells you which items are essential and which you can live without or even get used.

>The Everything Paleo Pregnancy Book
Shameless plug time! I wrote a book! My new book, The Everything Paleo Pregnancy Book covers a HUGE range of topics for pregnancy and new parents. I go into everything from which healthy, Paleo foods to focus on to get the most important nutrients for pregnancy, how certain foods can alleviate common pregnancy ailments, how to modify your workout plan during pregnancy, tips and tricks for spending less time in the kitchen, and over 100 healthy recipes! The book is available in both paperback and Kindle versions through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

>CrossFit Mom
CrossFit Mom has been my go-to resource for CrossFit modification tips and what is safe and unsafe during pregnancy. There are tips for each trimester and even post-partum. There are even substitute exercises, such as wall push ups in place of push ups, when your belly gets too big to do the prescribed movements. They also post a WOD (Workout of the Day) each day that includes modifications for advanced, intermediate and beginner CrossFit mamas. Their Facebook page is great for connecting with other moms and getting help with any questions you have about CrossFit during and after pregnancy.

>Wellness Mama
Wellness Mama has all kinds of great posts about parenting, natural beauty and cleaning products, gardening and natural home remedies...all things that are important to me as we are preparing to bring a child into the world. Some of my favorites are the homemade lotions and scrubs and healthy recipes.

>Joyful Abode
Emily at Joyful Abode uses a lot of parenting techniques that I hope to use, as well. She documents her journey with breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing and more. She has some fun recipes and crafts, too!

>Offbeat Families
I read the Offbeat Bride book when I was planning my wedding so I was super excited when I found out they had a similar website for parenting. I love the openness, honesty and creativity of the blog posts and the acceptance that a family doesn't have to consist of a married man and woman with a baby and a house with a white picket fence.

I have found some of my favorite pregnancy workouts on YouTube. Here are just a few of them...

Prenatal Yoga
Heidi Klum Prenatal Workout from FitSugar
FitSugar Prenatal Arm Workout
FitSugar Prenatal Leg and Butt Workout
Prenatal Pilates