Thursday, November 15, 2012

To expand upon my big announcement (along with my expanding belly)...

Obviously Kevin and I had some big news to share this week and we couldn't be more thrilled! That being said, I feel that the focus of the blog may change a bit over the coming months as my body and life are changing in so many ways.

Kevin and Foster are both very excited!

The biggest change so far is that morning sickness is in no way conducive to recipe creation. Unfortunately, it has been a bit of a hindrance. It is difficult to play with food in the kitchen and then write about it when almost everything makes you want to puke. Luckily, I had a few posts ready and waiting to go for those weeks when I just couldn't stomach it.

I think it looks like me!

There are some great resources out there regarding Paleo and pregnancy and I am hoping to join their ranks. I'll still be sharing tasty recipes as my appetite returns, but I'll also be writing about pregnancy related topics such as (surprise) morning sickness, diet, exercise and whatever else comes up along the way.

No belly yet...but it's on the way

I hope you will hang on with me during this wild ride through pregnancy and parenthood!