Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vote for me (or someone else)!!

Paleo recipe contests seem to be taking over the Internet these days :) I have entered two recently and this post is my humble request for your votes. But I would never ask you to vote for me if you didn't truly believe I deserved it, so check out the other entrants and vote for your favorites! The best thing about both of these contests is that they are driving so many people who are potentially new to Paleo to these awesome recipe sites.

Cavegirl Cuisine Mystery Basket Challenge

 I entered a rolled beef sirloin stuffed with bacon, brussels sprouts and fennel. I thought it was pretty tasty! If you agree, head over to the Cavegirl Cuisine site and leave a comment to vote for my entry, Entry #3!

Click here to vote!

Fast Paleo Slow Cooker Contest

I entered my Paleo Pumpkin Chili, which I have been making a lot of lately. The winner gets a fancy, programmable slow cooker, which would make me a very happy girl. :)

Click here and "Like" my recipe through Facebook to vote.